Remember how comforting a chocolate, cream filled snack treat could be with a cold glass of milk… tearing it out of the package and taking that first heavenly bite…or how a Brown SugarCinnamon Toaster Pastry was the perfect way to start your day? Or maybe you had a favorite layer cake that your Mom made only once a year. Perhaps you haven’t found your perfect cake… you’re a searcher, looking for the perfect combination of cake, filling and frosting. Nuts or no nuts? Buttercream or meringue? Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

At Cake Monkey, we want everyone to be happy. So we’re baking a variety of cakes and treats sized just for you. Whether you’re having an intimate dinner for two or a large party, there’s a special cake for everyone. If you want to customize your order, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

So, if you love cake, however you love cake, Cake Monkey Bakery is the place for you.

Born and raised in New York, Lisa has been working as a Producer/Executive in the film and television industry for the past 20 years. Having a lifelong passion for cake and snack treats, Lisa wanted to create a unique bakery where everyone’s cake craving could be satisfied (even the picky eaters!). Being an expert on eating cake but not about baking cake, she set out to hire a pastry chef who shared her love of cake and hit the jackpot when she met Elizabeth Belkind. Cake Monkey Bakery is the fruition of Lisa’s skills and passion and she looks forward to opening her first storefront in Los Angeles.

As the opening pastry chef at Grace Restaurant, Elizabeth has been credited with bringing notoriety and praise to one of L.A.’s favorite restaurants. Her Wednesday Night Doughnut Shoppe thrilled the city and made headlines in magazines, newspapers, and news programs all over the country. Elizabeth was awarded the Star Chefs Rising Star Award in 2006 and has been praised as one of the hottest young pastry chefs in Los Angeles by publications ranging from the Los Angeles Times to Gourmet. Prior to working at Grace, Elizabeth trained in the pastry kitchen at Campanile. For Cake Monkey Bakery, Elizabeth is using her unique style of elegance, whim and playfulness to create amazing recipes using only the finest and freshest ingredients.